About Garage door parts:



garage door spring



The garage door should be weightless from the open to the closed positions of your garage door.


If not done correctly the garage door will be heavy to lift up or shoot up from the ground towards the opening position of the garage door.


Always have a professional garage door company do this for you.




Garage door spring:


The garage door springs are made to counter the weight of the garage door panels or mat.


One gets two types of garage door springs, tension garage door springs and torsion garage door springs.


Tension garage door springs are usually found on a single garage door and works with a pulley system, and the springs run on top of the guides on sectional garage doors.


Then we get torsion garage door springs that works with a shaft and cable drum set up.


Adding the correct amount of torsion force on the tension bar will make the garage door weight equals out if done correctly.




garage door panels


Garage door panels:


One can have your garage door made with any type of material you wish really, the most common materials used for garage doors is the wooden garage door panels, chromadek garage door panels, aluminium garage door panels, glass garage door panels and more.


Panels are found on sectional garage door and run with either the torsion garage door or tension garage door systems.




These garage door panels come in two standard sizes, single for single garage doors and double for double garage doors.


Wooden garage door panels if looked after properly can last a life time.


Wooden garage doors should only be treated with only oil based products.



garage door panel
chromadek garage door

Chromadek panels are most of the time made with a cheap thin steel and if not maintained, your garage door will not last long at all.


This cheap panel product is not recommended if you are looking for a long lasting garage door.


The alternative to do this would be the aluminium sectional garage door panels, this is a very well made garage door panel, strong and long lasting.


But does have a downs side, this option of garage door panel is rather expensive.




As goes for the glass garage doors/frame less garage doors they are excellent garage doors but cost a fortune and need a lot of maintenance.




glass garage door
garage door hinge

Garage door hinges:


Garage door hinges come in either steel or a hardened plastic numbered 1 – 4. Each number has a predetermined spacing to make sure your garage door is spaced enough from the wall or pine jam/ mounting frame and runs in the guides correctly.


Each garage door hinge has a slot for a roller bearing.


The steel garage door hinges do the job the best and also last the longest amount of time which means less repairs for your garage door.





Bottom and top bracket for your garage door:


The bottom bracket has two functions for the garage door, the first function is a slot for your garage door lifting cable to connect to.


And function number two it also has a slot for a garage door roller bearing which keeps the bottom of the door securely placed and inside the guide.



bottom garage door bracket
top bracket garage door


The top bracket also has two functions, the first function being for spacing your top panel against the mounting frame to ensure your door is properly closed.


The second function being a garage door roller bearing to keep the top panel in the guide.




Garage door lifting cables:


This is a steel platted cable with a break force of about 200 kg’s. With each end being crimped with a loop on each end, one to hook in your garage door cable drum. And the other end hooking on the bottom bracket of the garage door. And does what its name says a cable that lifts a garage door.



garage door lifting cable
garage door cable drum


Cable drum:


You have two kinds of cable drums, left and right. Each one rolling up in different directions. So check which side goes where before you mount them.


This is a basic aluminium drum for your lifting cable to run on, it has raised edges to stop your garage door cable from lifting off the side.


And in the middle of the two raised edges it has a guide line to guide your garage door cable correctly onto the cable drum.


This is a breakable part and wears out after years of operation.




Side and middle bearing:


These three bearings all located on the top of the garage door panels. The torsion bar runs in the middle of these bearing to ensure the garage door is lifted smoothly. One has left and right garage door bearing and one for the center.


This is a breakable part of your garage door and should be maintained and replaced if broken.





side bearings garage door
garage door guide rail


Garage door guides:


Roll up garage doors and sectional garage doors have both got a guide system which keeps the garage door in the guided path and ensures a tight fit in the closed position.