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The garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home and if the garage doors is not fitted or repaired properly this can create a dangerous situation.

We are a garage door company that specializes in the repair and automation industry.


All of our garage door and gate motor technicians are trained and qualified in this field. 

If your garage door company that you are using currently takes time when coming out when you have an emergency garage door repair, try us and get the best service from your garage door company.


We are registered with all major garage door manufacturers and therefore can offer the best guarantees in Gauteng for your garage door and garage door motor in Johannesburg North.


Our garage door repair and automation services run 
24 hours, we have full time garage door technicians and do not work with external garage door companies, so you get to deal with one company and this gives peace of mind to all our customers.



After over 15 years in the garage door repair industry we have seen it all and fixed 1000’s of garage doors throughout South Africa, we know first-hand how our clients have struggled with other garage door companies. Either the pricing or just the poor workmanship and we fix them all giving you peace of mind that your garage door is in proper working order in Johannesburg North.


The garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home and if the garage doors is not fitted or repaired properly this can create a dangerous situation, garage doors are not to be fixed in a manner to save money but should rather be repaired by a professional garage door company in Johannesburg North for best results.



There are a lot of garage door companies that fix garage doors but take the cheap or incorrect way to fixing garage doors and this will show itself when you are repairing too often, when your garage door has been repaired properly you should be getting years of operation and safe operation, all this is what we specialize in.



Garage door spring repairs Johannesburg North

We first come out to weigh the garage door after the garage door spring snapped, this is a very important step in changing your garage door spring as they are weight oriented and if not weighed correctly your garage door will not work properly, be noisy and will damage the garage door opener after time. Garage door spring repairs are seen as a expense and many clients want the spring change done for as cheap as possible, this is not the right approach to changing garage door springs as the garage doors springs are the single most important part of the garage door and should be repaired properly, other garage door companies will sell you second hand springs and this is our most common call out on garage doors.

Should I replace both springs?


You may be tempted to save money on parts and labour by replacing just one spring, but you’ll likely need to replace both when one spring breaks Johannesburg North.

Garage doors have two springs, one on either side of the door. The springs exert the force that makes the door light enough to be lifted. When one garage door spring breaks, many homeowners wonder if they need to replace both springs or if they can replace only the one that malfunctioned. Read below to learn why you should always replace both garage door springs when one breaks.

Can a garage door operate with one spring?

Both springs must work together to pull the garage door up and bring it down gently. When operation relies on one spring, in addition to presenting safety concerns, it can also lead to wear and tear on the door.


You shouldn’t try to balance a garage door yourself. While replacing both springs is critical for your door to function again, only a professional can provide the repairs you need. Garage door repair technicians understand how to perform tests on the door’s balance in Johannesburg North.


Garage door cable replacements Johannesburg North

Garage door cables are also important to be checked and maintained, garage door cables can snap or be frayed which will affect your garage door movement and because all the garage door weight on the cables this is the second most important part of your garage door. Garage door cables are not to be taken lightly as soon as you try saving money and cutting corners with the garage door cables, you will end up spending more over time on your garage door cable repairs.

Garage door wheel/ roller replacements in Johannesburg North

We have steel or nylon garage door rollers/ wheels in our garage door kits. They should never need grease or lubricant if this part seems to be sticking or not rolling properly the garage door wheels/ rollers will need to be changes.


There is not really a difference between the nylon/ plastic or steel garage door rollers/ wheels, so either option is okay they both have about the same life cycle. Garage door wheels are cheap and should be checked at every garage door service.


Weather strips for garage doors:

Our garage door weather strips are made to fit all garage doors so if you see your weather strip is worn it’s time for a change. We replace weather strips per meter, so enquire from our office which weather strip will suit your garage door. We currently have weather strips for wooden garage doors and steel sectional garage doors, as well as for roll up garage doors.

Wooden garage door repairs| installations| automations

We have many different garage doors for sale from wooden garage doors for sale to aluminium garage doors we have them all. Our wooden garage doors are easily repairable as we have replacement garage door panels and installations for your wooden garage door in case your garage door panel gets damaged from driving into the garage door or water damage from not applying the right oil.



Our wooden garage doors are made from the best quality meranti wood and comes in a number of different profiles e.g. Block shape, horizontal slatted or gothic shape garage doors all made from the best meranti wood South Africa has to offer. 


Wooden garage doors are heavy and should be maintained from day one to make sure you get the most out of your wooden garage door, if not maintained your wooden garage door can become a money pit and if not repaired properly one of the most dangerous objects in your home. The garage door cables if not tensioned correctly, will wrap the cables around the torsion bar and make your garage door hang skew.

Some problems that can be experienced on your wooden garage door is the following:

  • Garage Door Sticking When Opening and/or Closing

  • Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close

  • Your Garage Door Slams Down

  • Your Garage Door Makes Loud Noises

  • The Door Track Is Misaligned

  • Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way

  • Broken Or Old Springs

  • Worn Roller And/ Bearings

  • Garage Door Off Balance

  • Garage door and/ motor repairs & installations.
  • Garage door not opening manually or on the garage motor/ opener.
  • Garage door spring repair/ service or replace.
  • Wooden garage door cable repair or replacement.
  • Wooden garage door automation and garage motor repair.
  • Garage door motor not responding repairs or replacement.
  • Wooden garage door pulleys service/repair and replacement.

Aluzinc garage door repairs| installations| automations

Our aluzinc/chromadek garage doors are the cheapest in Gauteng and look really good on all garages they are the cost effective way to ensuring your home looks great still whilst using the cheaper option our steel sectional garage doors are build to last, so if maintained properly and fitted properly they can last years.


Our aluzinc/ chromadek garage doors come in different shapes same like our wooden garage doors and different colors to choose from, ensuring you have the best fit for your color scheme. We offer a garage door repair service on all steel sectional garage doors and replacement panels in Johannesburg North as well. The repair of aluzinc garage doors won’t run you up huge bills .

Garage door sizes we have available:

Single garage door sizes are 2500mm(W) x 2150mm(H)

Double garage door sizes are 4980mm(W) x 2150mm(H)

SUV garage doors sizes are 2500mm/ 4980mm(W) x 2350mm(H)

Caravan garage door sizes are 2500mm/ 4980mm(W) x 2550mm(H)


Some problems that can be experienced on your chromadek garage door is the following:

  • Snapped/ broken garage door spring.
  • Garage door skew.
  • Garage door panels damaged/ broken.
  • Garage  door service or maintenance.


The panels for the steel sectional/ chromadek or aluzinc garage doors, are not strong and bend or buckle very easily. We suggest using top hats for extra weight on these types of garage doors.


All custom size garage doors are also available in all sizes, but do take a longer time to manufacture than the standard size garage doors we offer. 

Roll up garage door repairs| installations| automations

Roll up garage doors are the cheapest option at the moment for closing your single garage door. Our roll up garage doors come in many different colors and we have a plain and wood grain type roll up garage door.



Roll up garage door sizes are standard at 2500 mm (W) X 2150 mm (H). This is usually the standard size we offer on roll up garage doors. Gauteng garage door repair services include roll up garage door to our list of repairs done.

The following repairs are done to roll up garage doors:

  • Roll up garage door spring repair or replace.
  • Roll up garage door not moving freely in the guides.
  • Garage door is heavy and struggle to lift.
  • Roll up garage door services and tension.
  • Roll up garage door automation.
  • Replacement of roll up garage door hardware including springs and wheels.
  • Roll up mat replacement.

Garage door motor repairs & installations


Information on garage door motors in Johannesburg North

Garage door automation or garage door motors we have them all, from 240v incredibly strong garage door openers/ motors to 24v battery back up garage door motors/openers.

Bigger and stronger garage door motors are for the heavier duty garage doors and have excellent life span, no garage door can damage your 240v garage door motor.

We are registered to install all makes of motors in South Africa , there for when you choose our garage door motor installation company, you will get a guarantee that is recognized by all garage door motor suppliers. 

Digi garage door motors

Digi door 1 garage door motor series discontinued so we replace the motor.

Digi door 2 garage door motor series discontinued so we replace the motor.

Digi door 3 garage door motor series discontinued so we replace the motor.

Digi door 24 garage door motor series discontinued so we replace the motor.


DC Blue Advanced garage door motor for roll up garage doors we install and repair also a Digi door series motor if parts are available.


Centurion garage door motors

The Centurion garage door motors we have available for installation, these motors are also one of South Africa’s number one seller. We are registered installers for Centurion systems products and they have excellent garage door motors on offer for sectional garage doors and for roll up garage doors. We install and repair Centurion products and can definitely say that the centurion garage door motors are the best buy for money in our country.



Centurion systems has made a new silent garage door motor for sectional garage doors, the SD04 garage door motor is the new in all things possible they have a heavy duty and light duty version. The Centurion garage door motor is perfect for garage door automation and while easy to install the Centurion garage door motor really durable and worth the 2-year warranty that comes with it.

Centurion systems also have the RDO range for your roll up garage door automation.

This roll up garage door motor fits into the roll of the garage door and lifts the garage door silently and built to last, the Centurion RDO garage door motor has a 24v battery back up motor so even when the power is out your Centurion RDO garage door opener/motor can still be used find out from our office about the Centurion products we sell.


Centurion Xtrac we have available and repairs for sectional garage doors.

Centurion SD04 new garage door motor for sale and repairs for sectional garage doors.


Centurion RDO installations and repairs for roll up garage doors.

ET/ DC Blue garage door motors


DC Blue plus available for repairs only.

DC Blue digital available for repairs only.

DC Blue advanced available for installations and repairs.


ET Roll up garage door motor available for installations and repairs.
We install ET garage door motors for sectional garage doors and roll up garage doors, steel garage doors or wooden garage doors. These battery back up DC Blue garage motors are perfect for garage door automation. We install and repair all the garage door motors that ET offer, we are also registered with DC Blue and for repairs.

More about garage door/ motor repairs in Johannesburg North

Garage door repairs should always be done by a professional garage door repair company. After many years doing garage door repairs in Gauteng we have seen a lot of garage door companies put up the cheapest parts and we have seen garage doors hung totally wrong, we here at Gauteng garage door repair services believe in doing each garage door repair correctly and with the correct garage door parts.

The most common garage door repair we get is the garage door spring repair, we have seen welded garage door springs and painted second hand garage door springs, which all tells us there are a lot of garage door companies just not doing garage door repairs properly.

Because your garage door company charges cheap and does what you think they say they are doing doesn’t mean the garage door repair is right, the first thing to look for on any garage door repair is if the company is a one-man garage door company or a real garage door repair company.

The garage door companies that have one man businesses are the ones that won’t answer the phones when you really need help with a garage door repairs. Or don’t finish the job or even don’t return always make sure the garage door repairs are done by a proper garage door company.

Guarantees are always given when we finished with any garage door repair and being registered with all major garage door manufacturers, we are able to give best guarantees on all garage door repairs in Johannesburg North.