garage door panel

Garage doors

Wooden garage doors sectional

Steel garage door sectional

Aluminium garage doors

Double garage doors

Single garage doors

Tip up garage doors

Roll up garage doors

Sectional garage doors

Caravan sectional garage doors

garage door motors

Garage door motors

Digi door Digi door 1 24v motor

Digi door 2 240v gate motor

Digi door 3 Digi door gate motor

24 Digi door roll up motor

Pro alpha garage door motor

Aladdin garage door motor

Centurion xtrac sectional and tip up garage door motor

Centurion RDO Garage door motor

ET DC blue garage motors

DC blue plus DC blue digital

ET Roll up garage door motor

Gemini garage door motor

Magic lift garage door motor


Gate motors

Centurion gate motors

  • D5 evo (centurion gate motor)
  • D5 (centurion gate motor)
  • D3 (centurion gate motor)
  • D2 (centurion gate motor)
  • Vector swing gate motors (centurion gate motor)
  • Industrial D10 series (centurion gate motor)


DTS gate motors 

  • 300 (DTS Gate motor)
  • 500 (DTS Gate motor)


ET gate motors

  • 300 (ET gate motors)
  • 500 (ET gate motors)
  • 600 (ET gate motors)
  • 1000 (ET gate motors)


Hansa gate motors

  • Hansa speedo (hansa gate motor)
  • Hansa swing gate motors (hansa gate motor)
  • 3000 (hansa gate motor)


Gemini gate motors 

All makes 


Industrial and domestic roller shutter doors


We manufacture any size any color roller shutter doors from industrial to domestic. We also supply standard sizes on our roller shutter doors and we supply, install and repair roller shutter doors all over South Africa.


Our roller shutter doors can either be a hand driven roller shutter, chain driven roller shutter, gearbox driven roller shutter or motor driven depending on size.


For our industrial and domestic roller shutter doors we can supply them in any color, the galvanized color is our standard color for roller shutter doors, and if you wish to change that to your custom color we send your door for powder coating which we team up with one of our local guys in Kya sands (Johannesburg).


We can handle any size roller shutter doors and can install on a commercial level, some roller shutter doors can be as high as 6m and all of our technicians are equipped to handle this, roller shutter doors can weigh in excess of 1000 kg and should be looked after by a professional roller shutter company.

We offer a maintenance plan for all roller shutter doors, as they need to be serviced every 2 years by a professional roller shutter company.

Automation of industrial and domestic roller shutter doors


When done right roller shutter doors automation can last forever almost, there are a lot of roller shutter motors out there and you should be looking at a proper roller shutter motor with a proper guarantee. If you’re dealing with a unregistered roller shutter company you run the risk of having no guarantee this is why we use only the best when it comes to your industrial roller shutter.


We suggest using the centurion roller shutter motor which is a bit expensive but the guarantee is very good, a second best is the ARC roller shutter motor also a good motor, many roller shutter motors come from China and that’s the guarantee you get.



Industrial roller shutter doors can be very dangerous or even deadly always use a professional never take the chance. 

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Additional garage door services

Sectional wooden garage doors, oiling of wooden garage doors, fixing of broken wooden panels, adding garage door panels to increase the clearance height, adding studs to Gothic garage doors, converting horizontal slated garage doors to barn garage doors, sanding and treating of wooden garage doors.

Extra services available for adding onto your garage door or gate motor  


Garage doors


  • Garage door sensor (preventing your garage door from closing on your car).
  • Park distance garage door operator (preventing your car bumping the wall).
  • Anti-lifting alarm system.


Gate motors 


  • Gate sensor (preventing the gate from closing on your car).
  • Key pads (for gate motor).
  • Long distance remotes (for gate motor).
  • Intercom system linked to open with cell phone (for gate motor).
  • Solar powered systems (for gate motor).
  • Mag locks for swing gate (for gate motor).
  • Tag systems for opening gates and recording/logging times for gate openings.




  • Gate wheels 
  • Gate rollers 
  • Anti-lifting brackets 
  • Gate track
  • Gate catches 
  • Steel work for extending gates 
  • Adding of spikes or security upgrades on the gate